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Sales resources and expertise

Arm sales people with real-time content to drive more revenue.

SalesForce is a compass, Logictry is a map!

Sales acceleration

Drive high velocity sales and sell more, faster.

In 4 minutes and 4 questions, I was able to resolve what previously took 2 weeks of back-and-forth with the customer. Incredible!
- Sales Engineer
  • Better discovery

    Help sales people ask better questions.
  • Better solutioning

    Guide accurate product recommendations.

Three-in-one enablement

Sales, partner, and customer enablement.

Direct sales

Guide internal sellers better.


Empower distributors to sell more.


Help customers better self-service.

Simplify complex sales

Remove the technical from technical sales and focus on the relationship.

Catching all the interdependencies is what makes the logic in Logictry powerful.
- Product Manager
  • Sales configurators

    Build custom complex configurators quickly and easily that streamline the solutioning process.
  • Recommendation systems

    Build EOL replacement, customer testimonial, and other sales content matching systems.

Sales tools


Powerful sales playbooks.

Email builders

Personalized email builders.

Proposal builders

Dynamic proposal builders.

Training tools

Interactive training tools.

Sales configurators

Complex solutioning tools.

Matching systems

EOL recommendation systems.

Logic Management™ system

Knowledge Management (KM) captures information, Logic Management™ captures decision making.

Your company brain
  • Organize your data from all sources

  • Contextualize around solving problems

  • Share within your existing systems

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