Standard Operating procedures

Athleta - Event Planning Standard Operating Procedure

Athleta has partnered with Logictry's Logic Platform™ to streamline their onboarding process for event planners. They transformed their extensive 500-page onboarding documentation into an interactive and actionable standard operating procedure (SOP). This collaboration empowers new event planners to efficiently plan exceptional events with heightened accuracy.

The Logictry platform revolutionizes the onboarding experience, guiding planners through each step with seamless precision. Interactive SOPs ensure effective absorption and confident application of information.

Furthermore, Logictry's solution acts as a digital record, enabling progress tracking, continuous improvements, and knowledge-sharing among team members.

With Athleta embracing Logictry's platform, event planners can unleash their creativity and focus on elevating event experiences, knowing they have a reliable and user-friendly tool to enhance their planning process. This transformative step ensures streamlined onboarding and more efficient event planning.

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