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"Logictry has completely changed the way we bring together our community on a digital platform that makes it easy to distribute curriculum, send event details, and share helpful resources. It’s been a pleasure working with the Co-Founders and their innovative team who are always willing to go above and beyond to fit our needs and conceptualize new features together." - Jaclynn Brennan, CEO at FYLI

FYLI, a female network community, has found a reliable technology partner in Logictry and their Logic Platform™, which serves as their company's operating system. Logictry has been instrumental in facilitating the delivery of FYLI's cohort course curriculum and training while streamlining event registration and management. Acting as their technology partner, Logictry has made technology seamless for FYLI's organization.

With the intuitive interface and drag-and-drop features of Logictry's Logic Platform™, FYLI effortlessly designs and customizes their course content to meet their community's specific needs. This user-friendly approach allows FYLI to focus on delivering high-quality training and empowering their members effectively.

Logictry's comprehensive event management tools simplify the entire process, from registration to attendee communication, ensuring successful and engaging events with minimal effort for FYLI and their community.

By partnering with Logictry, FYLI can concentrate on their core mission of empowering women while entrusting the technical aspects to their trusted technology partner. Logictry's support has made technology easy and seamless for FYLI's organization.

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