Distributor Enablement

National Instruments - Distributor Enablement

"What had taken 2 weeks of back-and-forth with the product experts and the customer, I was able to get to the same product recommendations in 4 minutes with 4 questions. Incredible!" - Eric Wang, Account Manager at NI

National Instruments (NI) has revolutionized its distributor enablement process by leveraging Logictry's Logic Platform™ to build robust tools. These innovative tools, including EOL product replacement guides, part number finders, and partner recommendation tools, have significantly enhanced NI's distribution network.

By integrating these tools, NI has empowered its distributors with instant access to critical information, facilitating swift decision-making and problem-solving. The EOL product replacement guides ensure that distributors can easily find suitable alternatives for end-of-life products, ensuring seamless continuity for their customers.

Moreover, the part number finders have streamlined the searching and ordering process, enabling distributors to quickly identify and order the right products, reducing errors and delays. Additionally, the partner recommendation tools have facilitated better collaboration between NI and its distributors, resulting in more effective sales strategies and customer support.

"It was 100% accurate compared to sellers building configurations alone. Catching all the interdependencies is what makes the logic in Logictry powerful." - Penny Merian, Chief Product Marketer at NI

Overall, Logictry's Logic Platform™ has transformed NI's distributor enablement process, making information retrieval efficient and decreasing the need for support calls. This synergy has elevated NI's distribution network, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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