RSM International - Technology Maturity Assessments

"Logictry was instrumental in helping us build and deploy a dynamic, global chatbot application. Their velocity and responsiveness is refreshing!" - Paul Herring, Chief Innovation Officer, RSM International

RSM International, a leading global network of audit, tax, and consulting firms, has harnessed technology and innovation to elevate its services. Using the Logictry Logic Platform™, they created technology maturity assessments, facilitating informed technology adoption decisions.

With an intuitive interface and powerful functionality, RSM International swiftly built tailored assessments to gauge their organizations' technological capabilities. These assessments evaluate factors like infrastructure, security, data management, and digital transformation readiness, enabling business leaders to identify areas for improvement.

Sharing the assessments within the network promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange among member firms, allowing leaders to learn from each other's experiences. The Logic Platform™'s flexibility enables continuous improvement, adapting assessments based on feedback and industry trends.

Overall, RSM International's adoption of Logictry's platform has been transformative. The technology maturity assessments empower business leaders to make better-informed decisions about technology adoption, driving innovation and bolstering their competitive edge in the digital world.

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