Strategy DNA - Climate Readiness Assessment

“Logictry has been an important tool in scaling our practice – from deploying custom assessments to creating e-learning modules and helping automate internal processes. The ability to custom-build exactly what we need is simply priceless.” - Valentina Fomenko, CEO, Strategy DNA

Strategy DNA Consulting empowers business leaders with a cutting-edge Climate Readiness Assessment, developed using Logictry's intuitive Logic Platform™. This innovative tool enables leaders to self-assess their organization's preparedness for climate-related challenges, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. With its user-friendly interface, even non-technical professionals can seamlessly navigate the assessment. As leaders recognize the critical need for climate resilience, they find immense value in this assessment's depth and accuracy.

The compelling insights generated from the assessment prompt leaders to seek expert guidance from Strategy DNA Consulting. Recognizing the firm's expertise and tailored solutions, business leaders readily invest in their consulting services to navigate the complexities of a changing climate and secure a sustainable future.

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