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The Advocates - Political Survey Platform

The Advocates, a political organization promoting awareness of a multi-party system, partnered with Logictry's Logic Platform™ to develop interactive political quizzes and surveys efficiently. The platform's intuitive interface and templates enabled rapid quiz creation, engaging their audience about the diverse political landscape while adapting to specific objectives and demographics.

Logictry provided a custom teacher quiz and survey administration portal, simplifying result tracking and management. The user-friendly interface facilitated efficient administration, grading, and analysis of responses, yielding valuable insights into public opinion and political awareness.

This collaboration with Logictry generated substantial cost savings and efficiency, eliminating complex coding and focusing on The Advocates' core mission. The Logic Platform™ facilitated swift, cost-effective quiz and survey development, empowering The Advocates to raise awareness effectively about the existence of more than a two-party system. The partnership with Logictry drove their mission forward in an impactful and streamlined manner.

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