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Forbes - Featured guests: Chelsea Toler and Chris Fronda

January 2, 2023
2 min

Forbes - Featured guests: Chelsea Toler and Chris Fronda

Hosted By: Joe Pardavila

Listen to the podcast at: Featured guests: Chelsea Toler and Chris Fronda

In 2019, World Logic Day was created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. UNESCO believes that logic can help solve some of our biggest global challenges, from climate change to poverty.

One of the organizations chosen to host this year’s celebration is Austin-based tech startup Logictry, which is on a mission to make logic and knowledge more accessible. On the podcast, Joe learns more about World Logic Day from the co-founders of Logictry, Chelsea Toler and Chris Fronda.

Read more about the global problem Logictry is aiming to solve in this article published by Dr. Art Markman, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs at The University of Texas.

About Chelsea Toler:  Passion for supporting impact movements and accelerating impact journeys has been the driving force behind Chelsea Toler’s career. Chelsea has always been excited about lifelong learning and helping the learner’s journey to ensure they have access to the mentorship, capital, technology, and tools they need to succeed.  Chelsea serves as the Chief Impact Officer forLogictry alongside Chief Logic Officer, Chris Fronda, and is a Founding Partner at NOVA Impact along with her co-founder Olivia Dell. A true Longhorn, Chelsea grew up in Austin, TX where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Texas. Chelsea is currently pursuing her PhD in Professional Adult and Community Education with a research focus on the impact sector.

Chelsea has been able to help move $50+ million towards impact initiatives in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and served as the first fundraising team member for I Live Here I Give Here where she helped to raise $10+ million in 24 hours for 750 nonprofit organizations as a part of the Amplify Austin Day campaign. Chelsea continued her philanthropic journey by starting the KFG Foundation which focuses on educating and empowering young leaders pursuing impact and philanthropy, co-lead the creation and deployment of theUnited Nations SDSN Youth Seed Fund in partnership with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, joined the NEXUS community and conference circuit where she was recognized as a Profile in Power by Lifestyle Magazine, and co-lead the first ever global Next Gen campaign for Giving Tuesday alongside Olivia Dell.

It is most important to Chelsea that people have access to the information, education, technology, communities, resources, and platform’s necessary to reach their full potential and to share their purpose with the world.

About Chris Fronda: Chris is the creator of the LOGIC MOVEMENT, empowering others to make better decisions while making logic accessible for everyone. Natural born teacher and educator, former Product Manager at a Fortune 1000 organization, and a self-taught software developer and entrepreneur, Chris is considered an expert on logic and deep tech. His goal is to democratize access to knowledge, education, expertise, and opportunity.

His career began at National Instruments managing a $25 million product line overseeing and coordinating Sales, Marketing, Support, & Manufacturing. From there he ran a systems integration business for 6 years working with clients like Apple, Nasa, and Pfizer. Chris was also involved in numerous web, mobile, and blockchain projects acting as a CTO- he built apps that were ahead of Snapchat (Snapmap) and Instagram (Reels), and helped launch a cryptocurrency (ICO).

In 2018 in search of a deeper meaning beyond just building technology, Chris started researching Formal Logic and its importance in education. This research focused on the issues we face in society regarding the growing mis-information problem, the growing wealth and education gap, and the future of education. Through this, Chris found his purpose- to empower anyone with a desire to learn, to provide the tools and resources they need so they can thrive with equal opportunity. LOGIC should be free and accessible to all- this is why Logic.Wiki exists.

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