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Logic.Wiki launch top 10 content partners!

August 15, 2022
3 min

Campaign: Bringing Decisions Makers From Around the World Together! #MakeLogicAccessible #LogicWiki

As Logictry officially launches Logic.Wiki, the first-ever wiki of actionable knowledge, we celebrate 10 key Content Partners capturing and sharing their expertise to drive better decisions for everyone. From Impact to Conscious Travel and from Masterminds to better Employee Engagement, our partners are building tools to help you make better decisions, faster.

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1. Tax Taker

Decision Maker: Ari Salafia, CEO
Logic.Wiki Map Title: “Help me decide…do I qualify for an Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)?”


With Austin Venture Association Board Member, Ari Salafia as Tax Taker’s CEO, the company is led by an expert that cares about complex decision making bettering the startup ecosystem. The company is on a mission to “put more money in startup’s pockets so that you can go further, faster.”

Together we are thrilled to feature Tax Taker’s map on Logic.Wiki to help small businesses that are navigating tax credit eligibility decisions.

2. Fyli

Decision Makers: Jaclynn Brennan, CEO, Catherine Sypert, Head of House and COO , Mi'a Callens, Community Manager, and Alesia Stradford, Digital Marketing Manager
Logic.Wiki Map Title: “Help me decide…is a mastermind group right for me?”


Forbes Business Council member, Jaclynn Brennan spearheads her powerhouse team at Fyli to help women founders all over the world find community, mentorship, and education. Fylí is a Network as a Service (NaaS) business that offers a Mastermind Program for early-stage female founders and that is invested in the future of female entrepreneurship.

Featured on Logic.Wiki you will find Fyli’s map to help decide if joining a Mastermind Group is right for you as a founder. Logictry is proud to serve as a technology partner for the Fyli community and looks forward to showcasing more helpful content built together on the wiki.

3. F.I.E.S.T.A

Decision Makers: Cherie Werner, Courtney Ruth Werner, Caryn Werner, and Jon Werner - Co-Founders
Logic.Wiki Map Titles: Accelerator & Incubator Directory, Event Map for Startups, Service Provider for Startups, and the Free Public Co-Working Directory


The Werner Family has rallied together to found F.I.E.S.T.A to support Austin’s early stage startup founders thrive.

🎉 F.I.E.S.T.A. 🎉 Founders, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Techies, and Austin Newcomers aims to connect, support, and inspire early-stage startup founders and those new to Austin, TX. While all entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) are welcome to join, this group will focus on helping early-stage startup founders.

Fiesta-group photo.png

Logictry was thrilled to have our very own Alex Trevino pitch at one of the community events earlier this year. We are excited to feature F.I.E.S.T.A’s helpful directory maps on Logic.Wiki to help early stage founders make important decisions around where they work, pitch, and network.


Decision Makers: Cherie Werner, Courtney Ruth Werner, Caryn Werner, & Jon Werner - Co-Founders
Logic.Wiki Map Title: “Help me decide…how best to show up for my friends going through a major life event”


“KOYA was dreamed up at my dad, Jon’s, birthday dinner in early 2018. After asking him about his wishes for the coming year, he casually mentioned that he'd like to do another startup, but only if we were all on board”_ - Courtney Werner, Co-Founder of KOYA in Product Hunt’s The Family Working to Cure Loneliness.

Getkoya-profile image.png

“KOYA is a tool that helps users develop their emotional intelligence and relational wellness. After gaining the necessary confidence, we hope people feel empowered to initiate meaningful touchpoints with friends and family.”_ - Caryn Werner, Co-Founder of KOYA in Social Impact Heroes: How Caryn Noel Werner & KOYA Innovations Aim To Help End The ‘Loneliness Epidemic

Logictry is thrilled to serve as a technology partner for the Werner family and feature their map to support the Werner family’s vision in helping to solve loneliness.

5 & 6. UN SDSN Youth and UN SDSN

Decision Maker: Brighton Kaoma, Global Director
Logic.Wiki Map Title: “Help me decide…what SDG goal do I care about?”



UN SDSN Youth & UN SDSN support youth and global decision makers in 120+ countries creating solutions and innovations driving progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Whether thinking about what SDGs to incorporate into your Corporate Social Responsibility plan or selecting where your team should volunteer, this map can help you align with SDGs you care about. Logictry looks forward to our work together in releasing SDG related maps on the wiki and gearing up for World Logic Day 2023!

7. Landng

Decision Makers: Devon Keakulina DeAngelo, CEO and Co-Founder and Nacera Belal, COO and Co-Founder
Logic.Wiki Map Title: “Help me decide…how to be a conscious traveler”


Founders, Landng as featured on Forbes Books Audio Podcast

With travel on the rise, making planning decisions can be stressful. Also, making sure your travel itineraries align with your values around environment, sustainability, impact can prove challenging to navigate.

"We wanted to build something to help others with the headache of travel planning, so people can spend more time enjoying experiences & enhancing personal journeys." - Founders of Landng

Join Landng on their mission to make the experience of travel planning frictionless, inclusive, and creative.

For those trying to make decisions around how to be more conscious travelers make sure to check out the featured map on Logic.Wiki.

8. TWO12

Decision Makers: Dustin Byington, CEO and Co-Founder and Rajesh Gopi, CTO and Co-Founder
Logic.Wiki Map Title: “Help me decide…how should I fund my startup”



TWO12 exists to help founders succeed. The company provides cap table management software, valuation services, and startup finance education. Founders can look to TWO12 for decision making around equity management.

Logictry is excited to feature TWO12’s map helping founders decide what form of funding might be best for their companies to better allow founders access to understand more strategically what forms of capital raising make sense for them.

9. SolverX

Decision Makers: Brit Hicks, Co-Founder and Head of Operations and Technology and Rachelle Oribio, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, and Neal Murthy, Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Logic.Wiki Map Title: “Help me decide…my innovation’s technology readiness level”


SolverX spins out startups out of intellectual property (IP) with built-in B2B customers. Through the SolverX model, teams of Solvers receive curriculum related to entrepreneurship, the IP, and the market problem. The teams then compete to acquire knowledge, earn equity, and become the winning startup founders.

The SolverX team built an exciting map for startup founders looking to better understand the technology readiness level of innovations. The Logic.Wiki will feature this map to help founders better understand the value associated with their work.

10. Double A Labs

Decision Makers: Amber Allen, CEO , Ahna Boley, Chief Experience Officer, and Jen Heitler, Director of Strategy and Business Development
Logic.Wiki Map Title: “Help me decide…how do I use tools to better engage, excite, and retain employees?


Double A Labs is a global leader in creating award-winning, data-driven, immersive technologies to help brands connect with current customers and reach new audiences. Over the last decade, they have delivered over 1,500 hybrid experiences.

From Forbes Technology Council to KVUE to Austin Business Journal to Grit Daily House, Austin Women, Carta, SXSW, and many more, Amber Allen and the leadership team of Double A Labs has been recognized for their innovative spirit and drive helping to equip the others with the tools to create a better world. Logictry is proud to partner and release Double A Lab’s map demonstrating how to better engage employees as well as the power of the future of work in the metaverse.

When we bring together decision makers from around the world to capture and share their knowledge we are able to provide learners with the access to tools and resources they need. Logictry believes that Better decision making starts with better collaboration. Thank you to our partners that are making our vision to make logic accessible to everyone possible! To learn more about how to apply to serve as a partner or a collection creator email team@logictry.com and make sure to sign up for your free account at logic.wiki.

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