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Logictry Amplifies Sunday Afternoon Foundation Launch to Create a Joyful Inclusive World After Recent US Supreme Court Decision

July 4, 2023
2 min
“The decision’s logic cannot be limited to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.” - Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

A few years ago, Luis and Hans left their home country of Guatemala for Austin, Texas, looking for their very own safe space. They found it in the United States and their outlook on life was forever changed. Ever since, they made it their mission to share the joy they have found; what started as a farmer's market stand flourished into a way to share their story and to listen to the stories of others. To date, their for-profit business, Wunderkeks has shipped over three million cookies and reached over two hundred thousand homes, all over America. Wunderkeks has seen some amazing successes from collaborating with Virgin Airlines, to sponsoring and winning the UN World Logic Day Award, to admittance into the prestigious SKU Accelerator.

However, with the recent Supreme Court Rulings around limiting service to LGTBQI customers and with facing their own challenges as founders around visa costs threatening their ability to call their Safe Space of Austin, TX home, Luis and Hans began feeling more needed to be done. Justice Sotomayor referred to the decision as a “Sad day in American constitutional law and the lives of LGBT people.” She suggested that decision would be more far-reaching. “The decision’s logic cannot be limited to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.” CNN Reports

Logictry is honored to support Luis and Han’s initiative and the official launching of The Sunday Afternoon Foundation. This initiative is in alignment with our company’s efforts to champion better Logic for a more peaceful world. As the UN Partner for UN World Logic Day and recent Austin Chamber’s Generous Business Finalist, Logictry will support the launching of the Sunday Afternoon Foundation to help scale tools needed to combat divisiveness and to create a world not divided against one another by beliefs, sexuality, gender, race, or religion, but instead brought closer together. The company is committing a 15K Match in technology and impact support for the foundation’s launch. 

Chief Logic Officer of Logictry, Chris Fronda, shares, “Now is the time to equip people with the tools, technologies, and communities necessary to make better decisions. We are thrilled to partner with the Sunday Afternoon Foundation to deliver safe spaces and accessibility to logic. With better tools, together we can build a better home for everyone.” Chief Impact Officer of Logictry, Chelsea Toler states, “The Sunday Afternoon Foundation will help millions of people around the world receive the support they need to leverage better tools to champion acceptance.”

We invite you to join in supporting the foundation’s launch and to follow along Luis and Han’s journey as they continue to build a legacy of love through the creation and birth of Safe Spaces. Together we can create a New America filled with Safe Spaces to create, Safe Spaces to innovate, Safe Spaces to create impact, Safe Spaces to debate, and yes Safe Spaces to love. In the words of Cara Delevigne at the 2019 UN NEXUS gathering in NYC, “If there is freedom to hate why the hell isn't there freedom to love.” 

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