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Logictry launches Logic.Wiki closing the decision-making gap for the world

August 25, 2022
2 min

Campaign: Better decisions for a more informed society! #MakeLogicAccessible #LogicWiki

Logictry, who serves as one of just 3 US partners for World Logic Day in collaboration with the United Nations, UNESCO, UN SDSN, UN SDSN Youth, NOVA Impact, the KFG Foundation, and the CIPSH, announces its launch of the Logic.Wiki to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the vision of making Logic accessible to everyone. In alignment with the United Nations’ global movement around creating a more collaborative world, Logictry will release various collections on Logic.Wiki to help people make important decisions and give access to democratized expertise with a select group of content partners around the world. Together we will continue the mission of empowering others to make better decisions while building a new wiki of actionable knowledge.

People's role in the next wave of tech

Logic.Wiki provides a collaborative knowledge-based environment that promotes participation from a wide range of experts in various fields. Together we will build and release various collections of tools that make self-guided learning on any topic possible. People rather than bots will remain at the center and forefront of development of the wiki as a reminder that in this next wave of technological advancement, people matter.

CEO of Logictry, Chris Fronda shared, “Giving others access to education and technology has always been what I most wanted to give to the world. Logic.Wiki will enable others to learn not only what to think, but how to think. We will grow as a society navigating a new wave of technology together with people’s knowledge and learning journeys remaining at the center of innovation.”

Unlocking potential for the social sector

Core to Logictry’s impact values, the Logic.Wiki will partner with experts around the world to ensure that often under-resourced communities, founders, and entities have the engine to drive the large-scale powerful changes the world needs. Together we will unlock the potential for better collaboration and innovation on a global scale.

“Logictry envisions a world where nonprofit leaders, community organizers, founders, and the entire social sector gains equal access to technological support necessary to drive impact at scale. Far too long has the impact ecosystem relied on less than optimal resources and tools to help advance social change while addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems.'' - Chelsea Toler, Chief Impact Officer for Logictry

A campaign to #MakeLogicAccessible for everyone

Logic.Wiki will provide the environment and forum to incentivize healthy dialogue, better access to information from leading experts, and a place where debate is not stigmatized, but instead encouraged. However, a world with more logical thinking and better decision-making is only possible with the contributions of the people. Alongside our selected content partners, we are building the actionable wiki to scale better knowledge for a better world.

Sign up for our Logic.Wiki waitlist here and gain access to our “Help me decide… for startups” collection on September 15th. Make sure to follow @logicwiki on Instagram for important updates.

Our first collection release

Logictry is thrilled to feature our first collection on the Logic.Wiki on Sep 15, 2022. This would not be possible without the contributions of our content partners. We are grateful to our first collection partners including:

Startup Communities:

  • Fyli
  • Fiesta
  • The Non-Nine-to-Five™
  • T-Squared
  • Black Women Talk Tech
  • The Fourth Floor
  • Capital Factory


  • Younify
  • Impact For SDGs
  • Impactive
  • L I G H T S P A C E
  • We the Planet
  • UN SDSN Youth
  • The Kindness Campaign
  • NOVA Impact


  • Double A Labs
  • Ahura AI
  • Landng
  • TaxTaker
  • KOYA
  • The Feedia
  • Techno Planet Inc.
  • Covered By Group
  • Look The Part TV
  • Media Tech Ventures
  • Creative Duality
  • Elssus
  • TWO12 | Cap Table Management


  • Climate Impact Capital
  • Kinetik Ventures
  • DivInc
  • SolverX
  • Rockport Investment Partners
  • KFG Foundation
  • SWAN
  • Sundara Fund

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