World Logic Day

Wunderkeks furthers their legacy of storytelling and joins as an awards sponsor for World Logic Day 2023!

January 1, 2023
2 min

The Wunderkeks's story

Luis Gramajo and Hans Schrei built Wunderkeks from their belief that the foods we share help tell the story of who we are, and that by openly, fearlessly telling our stories, we create the Safe Spaces others may need to tell theirs.

A few years ago, Luis and Hans left their home country of Guatemala for Austin, Texas, looking for their very own Safe Space. They found it, and their outlook in life was forever changed. Ever since, they made it their mission to share the joy they have found; what started as a farmer's market stand flourished into a way to share their story and, in time, to listen back to others'. To date, Wunderkeks has shipped over three million cookies and touched over two hundred thousand homes, all over America.

Their hope is that people will share Wunderkeks along with their willingness to listen; that the loud, pink box will become a symbol of allyship and a marker of a Safe Space. The legacy they want to leave to the world is for every new generation to grow up in a way they never could: fully, unapologetically, as themselves.

Why World Logic Day?

On World Logic Day Logictry celebrates the power of human intelligence and the impact people can make on the world. Storytelling is a powerful tool that allows humanity to reflect and share knowledge, experiences, passions, and intentions that often drive innovation and solving some of the world's biggest problems.

Wunderkeks’ founders, mission, and story aligns well with our commitment to help empower others to continue their legacies of impact, creation, and dialogue. We are thrilled to support the work the company hopes to inspire around the world!

Wunderkeks awards

Wunderkeks will engage as an in-kind partner, join for a panel conversation, as well as honor a few individuals really paving the way with fearless storytelling as a part of the UN Global Showcase Awards for World Logic Day 2023! We are honored to have their partnership and to showcase not only the great company, but more importantly the legacy they hope to inspire in others! Make sure to follow @logicwiki for updates on potential awards finalists!

"We are very proud and excited about being a part of World Logic Day: we see it as an opportunity to celebrate those who seek to better themselves and the world though finding the right questions to ask, the right people to ask them to, and the openness to listen to the answers, specially when they are not what they had hoped for. That is how we went from cookie company to full-blown movement, and that is how we believe we get to really, deeply change the world for the better." - Luis and Hans

About World Logic Day & next steps

We are especially grateful to our sponsors and major supporters Truist Bank, Accelerist, KFG Foundation, NOVA Impact, EDLINKS,TM , and Schmidt Futures for helping to make our support of great Impact oriented companies like the founders of Wunderkeks possible!

Interested in learning more about how to engage for World Logic Day 2023 as well as how to participate in the UN SDSN & SDG Academy Awards Competition? Please fill out our intake form and make sure to grab your pass for the in person event held on Jan 12, 2022 in Austin, TX at the Long Center for the Performing Arts to see great conversations and awards like the ones lead by Wunderkeks.

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